Tempura Mozzarella with Marinara Sauce


Ingredients for 1 appetizer
  • Welna Tempura Batter Mix 15g (1.5 tbsp)
  • Cold water 24g (1.6 tbsp)
  • Mozzarella 60g (2 oz)
  • Welna Tempura Batter Mix 1/2 tbsp
  • Marinara sauce 45g (1.5oz)
  • Fresh Basil 1 leaf
  • Frying oil as needed (7g)
  • salt as needed


  1. To make tempura batter combine Welna Tempura Batter Mix with cold water and mix till combined, do not over mix.
  2.  Pat dry mozzarella with paper towel to remove excess moisture. Season lightly with salt.
  3.  To evenly dust mozzarella with Welna Tempura Batter Mix, combine 1/2 tbsp of Welna Tempura Batter Mix and mozzarella in a plastic bag, add air and shake.
  4.  Dip mozzarella in tempura batter to coat.
  5.  Fry mozzarella at 350 F till light gold.
  6.  Ladle marinara sauce onto plate and place tempura mozzarella. Top with shredded basil.